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If you've contributed code to the chia-blockchain you may have earned BattleDawg NFT! (The window for claiming your NFT is now closed.)


Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a group of brave and valiant BattleDawgs. These dawgs were trained from a young age to defend their home planet against any threats that may come their way. They were skilled in combat and possessed advanced technology that allowed them to traverse the vast expanse of space.

One day, a group of evil SpaceBugs began to invade Earth, threatening to destroy everything in their path. The BattleDawgs knew that they had to act fast if they were going to save the planet.

That's when they received a message from a group of BattleKats, who were also skilled in combat and had been fighting against the SpaceBugs for some time. The kats proposed an alliance, offering to join forces with the BattleDawgs to take down the invading bugs.

The BattleDawgs were hesitant at first, as they had never worked with the BattleKats before. However, they knew that the BattleKats were already in the middle of a vast battle against the bugs and needed all the help they could get if they were going to save Earth. So, the BattleDawgs agreed to the alliance and set off to join the BattleKats to fight against the SpaceBugs.


UPDATE:The collection was expanded on January 1st from 400 to 425 to include more contributors to the chia-blockchain on Github.

There are 425 BattleDawg NFTs.

303 will be available to the general public.

The Top 122 Contributors of the chia-blockchain project on Github will each have a BattleDawg named after them, and also have the opportunity to accept a 1 mojo offer for their named BattleDawg. If the offer isn't accepted within 6 weeks, then all the unclaimed Top 122 will have new offers created for the public and uploaded to Dexie. The cutoff date will be 12:00 AM CST (GMT-6) on February 18th, 2023.

Each BattleDawg has a rank. 423 were randomly selected. Two were set from the start... Commander CHICHI was one because he wasn't going to accept a random selection, and also Admiral JAXOM who is the collection icon and I am keeping for myself.


43Petty Officer 2nd Class
29Petty Officer 1st Class
18Chief Petty Officer
16Master Chief Petty Officer
10Lieutenant Colonel
6Vice Admiral

Each BattleDawg has a unique callsign.

The callsign for the Github user based BattleDawgs are the username on Github.
Reference: Top100 Chia-Blockchain Contributors on Github


Due to my mistake when capturing the list of Top 100 contributors, these users were overlooked. But the collection expanded to 425 because all contributors deserve a BattleDawg!
My apologies developers!


The remaining 303 callsigns were from a list of names that I created and were randomly chosen by a script that created the metadata.


The starting point for each of the other attributes is a minimum of 5 before we determine the amount to add based on the image hash.

Steps to prove:

Hash the local data file (image). Then use that hash to build the values for the attributes by selecting specific characters from the 64 character hash convert the hex character from the hash into a decimal value to use as a value for the attribute.

AttributeCharacter Position in Image HashCalculation
Strength17th character of the hash5 + hex2dec value
Constitution25th character of the hash5 + hex2dec value
Dexterity33rd character of the hash5 + hex2dec value
Intelligence41st character of the hash5 + hex2dec value
Wisdom49th character of the hash5 + hex2dec value
Charisma57th character of the hash5 + hex2dec value

    Strength = 5 + decimal value of the 17th hex character in the image hash.
        Image 7.jpg
        Image hash: 28301a72981f45fed73da6cffdd7f058aa9cef288548736926049319251bb303
        17th hex = d
        Converted to decimal = 13
        Strength (5 + 13) = 18


122 of 425
Top 122 Chia-Blockchain Contributors - 122 offers for 1 mojo. Contributors will need to authenticate with their Github account to receive the 1 mojo offer. http://battledawgs.link1

1 The timeframe to claim your BattleDawg has now expired.

298 of 425
298 will be released in 4 batches of about 75 NFTs in each.
Batch 1 - Wed 06:00 PM CST
Batch 2 - Thu 12:00 PM CST
Batch 3 - Fri 06:00 AM CST
Batch 4 - Sat 12:00 AM CST

The few extras will be used for giveaways.

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